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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  April 20, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. satsuma, florida. a 5-year-old girl tucked into bed. five hours later she's gone. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. the last person to see her alive? new stepmother misty croslin, who goes on to flunk four, one, two, three, four, polygraphs and a voice stress test. little haleigh's father, ronald cummings, and babysitter turned stepmother misty croslin both handcuffed and booked. charges? drug trafficking. something or somebody leads search teams, cadaver dogs, scuba divers, helicopters to
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comb the st. johns river. croslin rousted out of a private jail cell, taken in handcuffs down to the docks. we have the video, croslin standing there in handcuffs, motioning out to the water, pointing out a specific spot to police. police announcing 5-year-old haleigh likely dead. evidence, including two cinder blocks, pulled from the muddy waters of the st. johns river, discovered and dredged. an arrest on homicide imminent. as the search for little haleigh's entire body and the murder weapon goes on, bombshell tonight. in the last hours father ronald come sxhin cummings and bio mom crystal sheffield meet to determine whether to have little haleigh officially declared dead. this although police refuse to announce human remains found, they go tell haleigh's father
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behind closed doors to commence plans for the funeral. after croslin's own grandmother appears live with us, describing chilling scenarios of murder, in the last hour she announces, croslin's own grandmother, that she believes all three, misty croslin, brother tommy croslin, cousin joe overstreet, are responsible, all responsible for the 5-year-old girl's death. and tonight we learn two types of rope missing from croslin's van the morn after haleigh vanishes, corroborating grandma's story the child was ruthlessly tied to a brick, then thrown into the muddy waters, dead or alive. >> has evidence been found that may close the case on who killed haleigh cummings? >> i would like to tell my daughter baby, i love you. >> those three grandkids of mine
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is involved in this, and i don't know why. >> it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> we will find you. i love you. >> investigators searched the st. johns river for three days. >> divers removed two cinder blocks, which are being examined. >> you said your back door was wide open? >> yes, it was brick. like a brick on the floor. when i went to sleep, it was not like that. >> okay. the back door -- listen to me. your back door was wide open. what are you talking about a brick? >> yes. >> what -- what is the brick? >> it's on the back door, on the stairs, like we have like a walkway. >> uh-huh. and there was a brick laying there? >> yes. it's still there. >> do you think misty has any involvement in this? >> i don't think misty did, but -- >> i'm beginning to think she was involved too. because she was on the river on the tv. >> if i find whoever has my daughter before y'all do, i'm killing them. >> first thing that i was told was that joe had killed her. from what tommy told me, joe said it to him, that as he
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opened his mouth and said anything that he would bring a gun back down there and kill his whole family. >> it's hearsay, just a statement being made by someone. >> when you have co-conspirators involved in a case, which apparently you have here, typically one of them will come forward and tell the whole story in order to get a better deal from the government. >> misty stated that he had put a knife to her throat that night, which i know joe does have knives and i know joe does have guns. >> outside of law enforcement, no one has facts. >> ronald cummings' attorney says haleigh's family has been told to start making funeral arrangements for the 5-year-old little girl. >> people are starting to cooperate. that's why i've told people it's going to be just a matter of time. >> do you know where the cinder block came from that was propping the door open? >> i don't have a clue. i don't mess with none of that. so i don't know. i rarely, rarely am in the back yard at all unless i'm washing my car. so it could have came from around my shed. i'm renting.
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so i don't know if the previous renters had it or what. but i've never seen, it i don't believe. >> so to your knowledge, you've never seen it? >> not that i believe. i mean, i may be mifrken and ha have seen it before, but i know it wasn't where it's at now. >> and breaking news tonight. live, ohio. a young church mom of a 1-year-old baby girl vanishes while shopping at a busy outdoor mall. tonight, where is the young church mom? mother of one. tiffany tehan. >> law enforcement searching for 31-year-old missing ohio mom tiffany tehan. friends and family fear she may be in danger. >> police hope anyone can lead them to the man in these pictures, who they're calling a person of interest in the tiffany tehan case. it's from a convenience store in east dayton. >> tiffany went shopping
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saturday morning at 9:00 to look for clothes for her 1-year-old daughter. but around 11:00 a.m. tiffany vanishes. her husband tries to contact her multiple times without success. then he calls police. >> they're in the same place, and it is on more than one occasion. it appears that this individual may have information that may be helpful to us. >> just hours later tiffany's green ford explorer found abandoned in a local park. the doors locked and vehicle keys still inside. tiffany, the daughter of a pastor and a loved member of her church, where she volunteers in the children's ministry. just how does a mother vanish? >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. in the last hours father ronald cummings and bio mom crystal sheffield meet to determine whether to declare little haleigh officially dead. this although police refuse to announce human remains found,
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they meet with father ronald cummings behind closed doors and advise him to commence plans for his 5-year-old little girl's funeral. >> if she had nothing to do with it, how would she be able to help detectives and say, well, here's where they did what? >> that's why i'm wondering, was she in that van, too? >> so you're thinking that maybe misty had something to do with it that night and was there when haleigh's body was thrown into the river? >> yes, ma'am, i do. >> okay. so now in fact your story is implicating potentially three people, joe, the cousin in tennessee who says he had nothing to do with this, tommy croslin, who's behind bars on drug charges, and your other granddaughter, misty. you're saying all three, all three of your grandkids were involved in this? >> yes, ma'am, i think they were. i really do. >> why do you think that? >> it's just the way that they
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act. joe, ever since he came back from florida, he's not been the same child. and every time i talk to tommy and i talk to misty, they're not the same people that i've talked to. >> people are starting to talk. >> i don't know where she is. >> people are starting to cooperate. >> there's nothing to break me on. >> i think she's come to realize that, you know, she's in trouble. >> i see the smile. >> there are reports two of cinder blocks retrieved from the river. >> the brick's on the floor. >> and my sources are telling me police have obtained yellow rope from tommy croslin's home. >> i don't know where she is. >> they told the family it's time, they have enough evidence that they can start making funeral arrangements for little haleigh. >> bring her back. >> i know somebody took my little girl. >> just want our baby to come home. >> they brought the family members in to the sheriff's office. >> he's not as strong at home as he is on tv. >> they told him that it was now
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a homicide investigation. >> it was the worst thing i've ever been through in my entire life. >> i am hearing in my ear we have breaking news right now. let's go to art harris, investigative journalist at art, what is it? >> nancy, sources are telling me that misty croslin has been shown bones at the crime scene on the river in satsuma, florida. she was taken to the crime scene, to the river, and detectives showed her what they had found. the bones have been sent to the crime lab to be analyzed, nancy, and compared with dna from haleigh cummings. >> okay. repeat, misty croslin was taken by police down to the st. johns river and -- >> that's right. >> and at that time was shown bones. haleigh cummings, 5-year-old haleigh cummings' bones? >> well, what i'm saying is she was shown bones that my sources believe were haleigh's, and she told this to cousin tommy on a
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ride back to the st. johns county jail, where they're both being held on drug charges. as amazing as it seems, they were allowed to ride together in the police car. >> art, it's not that amazing. cops put people together in the back seat all the time hoping they'll start talking and the cops can hear them. >> that's what they did, nancy. and apparently, this is what erupted, and misty croslin told her brother that she had been shown bones at the crime scene. i don't know what his response was. but this is considered a major break in the case. >> okay. art harris, where did the bones come from? do we know? >> nancy, i don't know that. i know that bones have been found in the river. this is an area where tommy has gone before to go hunting and thrown deer carcasses into that river. divers have found deer bones in the river. i have not confirmed that the bones, the human bones, if any, were found in the river. >> but you know that they showed
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haleigh's bones to misty croslin after bringing her down. and what do they hope to gain by showing her that? to get a confession? >> nancy, i think in any situation like this they hope to shock her into some sort of revelation, into some sort of evidence or some sort of piece of information they can compare to what she's said before or use it to refute what others have told them in the case that will bring it one step closer to a conclusion and an arrest. >> art harris, investigative journalist, breaking the news tonight that misty croslin, the babysitter turned stepmother, the last one known to be with haleigh, the 5-year-old little satsuma girl, alive has been shown purported bones belonging to haleigh. >> i don't know what to believe anymore. >> they told me i was taking a
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go stand up. >> they have evidence that they are analyzing right now as we speak. >> the cinder blocks -- >> cinder blocks. >> those cinder blocks. >> they're being very tight-lipped on any evidence that they have. >> i'm not going to discuss the particular items that i've taken for analysis. >> they told them that they would have enough to go forward if they wanted to make funeral arrangements. >> haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. >> hard to hear something when they tell you that your child or your grandchild is dead. >> i'm going to call it a homicide. >> they have no remorse or something. >> the investigative team has identified persons of interest. >> i'm not hiding anything. >> i had nothing to do with none of that crap. >> i will not be mentioning any names at this time. >> she is blaming joe and tommy.
8:16 pm
tommy croslin is blaming joe overstreet. joe overstreet's saying i wasn't there. all three are pointing the finger at each other. >> the only person at this stage of the game that knows what caused the demise of the child, obviously, is misty. >> i want them to find haleigh too and find out who did this to haleigh. i don't care who it is. >> if i find whoever has my daughter before y'all do, i'm killing them. >> we really would not care who it implicates. >> let them fry. so be it. >> do you think misty has any involvement in this? >> i don't think misty did. but i'm not going to say that she didn't. >> if she had nothing to do with it, how would she be able to help detectives and say well, here's where they did what? >> that's why i'm wondering was she in that van too. >> straight back out to art harris, breaking the story that misty croslin, babysitter turned stepmother, taken down to the docks of the st. johns river and shown bones purported to be
8:17 pm
haleigh's. little 5-year-old haleigh's bones. she's then put in the back of the police car with tommy croslin. art harris, what can you tell me about dna? >> i can tell you, nancy, that the bones that were taken from the river and shown to misty croslin will be compared to dna from haleigh. now, the parents of haleigh cummings, ron and crystal, had parked that dna, had saved it for just such a tragic eventuality. a lot of parents do have dna of their children. and the crime lab now has haleigh's dna. they'll be comparing it to these bones. >> do you know, art, whether the two parents individually gave their own dna? >> i'm sure they would have volunteered it -- >> but they had haleigh's dna they gave. it could be anything, a toothbrush, a hair strand with a root, or they could even try migtochondrial dna. art harris reporting that haleigh's dna and the parents' dna now at the crime lab in order to compare to bones found in the river. joining me right now is a
8:18 pm
special guest. this is misty croslin's grandmother, miss flora hollars, who was kind enough to join us last week. miss hollars, thank you for being with us. do i have miss hollars with me? miss hollars, can you hear me? liz, see if you can get miss hollars' satellite connected back up. i want to go straight out to marlaina schiavo. what more can you tell me, marlaina? she's joining us there in florida. >> well, nancy, with what art is saying about misty being down by the river and these bones, you have to remember, there was a van from the university of florida, from the human identification lab that was down by that river during that search for an hour and a half. why was it there? could have something to do with what art is saying. but there is a lot of buzz down here about bones and remains. i asked lead detectives today. they're still denying they found any human remains, nancy. but the question is still on the table. >> jean casarez, weigh in. >> the forensic lab that was on
8:19 pm
scene, i think it's very relevant. let's look at the facts. law enforcement has told us that forensic anthropologist and lab was on scene to look at what was being taken out of the water. nancy, we know forensic anthropologists deal in bones, so they can determine on site if something is relevant or not relevant, human bone or animal bone. and they decided some things would go on for further testing. that tells a lot right there. >> we are taking your calls live. to wanda in florida. hi, wanda. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: i was wondering, the night that haleigh was missing and misty was supposed to be doing the laundry, washing sheets. and i was wondering if she was washing away evidence. >> good question. what do we know, marlaina? >> caller: well, nancy, after she said that, that was one of the inconsistencies in her stories because they went back and realized there was no detergent in the house, so she couldn't even have been doing laundry in the first place. >> let's try miss flora hollars again, misty croslin's grandmother, joining us from
8:20 pm
nashville, tennessee. miss hollars, thank you for being with us. what do you make of this new breaking evidence that your granddaughter, misty croslin, was taken down to the river bank and shown bones belonging to haleigh? >> i was just told that a little while ago. i hadn't heard anything about it until a few minutes ago. >> what do you make of it? >> that she knows something. >> earlier, in just the last hour, you have advised that you believe all three, misty croslin, tommy croslin, and joe overstreet, are involved in some way in little haleigh's death. why do you say that? >> because of their actions and the way they talk. i'm sorry, but i hate to say it. they're my grandkids. but that little girl's got grandparents, too.
8:21 pm
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do you know where the cinder block came from that was propping the door open? >> don't have a clue. don't mess with none of that. so i don't know. i rarely, rarely am in the back yard at all unless i'm washing -- >> i'm going to go straight back out to art harris. art, misty croslin taken down to the docks of the st. john, shown bones. do we know what her reaction was? >> i don't know her reaction, nancy. but i know that she was excited enough about it to talk to her brother, tommy croslin, on their trip together back to the st. johns county jail, where they are both held and being charged with drug trafficking. >> whoa, wait, back it up, back it up. excited. do you mean surprised? shocked? afraid? what?
8:26 pm
what do you mean excited? >> an emotional discussion. i don't have -- >> excited would be the words to use when you see a child's body -- bones from her body. what about it? joining me crime analyst, the director of the cold case squad, pine lake pd, sheryl mccollum. >> excellent police work, nancy-s what you were seeing. they have taken their time for the last 14 months. they're letting these folks talk. they're letting them talk to epa other. we've all heard the tapes. of course they're going to put them in the car with each other. >> what do you make of them taking her down and showing her the bones? >> outstanding. you show her those bones. if they -- >> let her know. it's over. >> absolutely. and let's say she has the reaction. put her in the car with tommy. and of course they're going of it a discussion about it because they are busted. >> unleash the lawyers. alex sanchez, defense attorney, new york. raymond giudice, defense attorney, atlanta. ray giudice, what about it? >> well, i agree with sheryl, this is some good police work. they were very patient for the last 14 months.
8:27 pm
they haven't quite sewed this up together. >> all you can say is i agree with sheryl? i will give you a moment to recoup. what about it, sanchez? >> i find it very peculiar that the police would show her the bones. and it raises a question in my mind whether or not they staged that event just for the purposes of trying to provoke her to make a statement. >> well, according to you, haleigh's not really missing, she's on a vacation in the riviera. >> no. i don't know what happened to her exactly. but for the police to show her the bones, she can contaminate the bones. that's not proper police procedure, and you know it, nancy. stiff joint sufferers have discovered elations, clinically proven to improve joint comfort in as little as six days. and now, elations introduces new powder packets. on the go, one-a-day packets with the elations patented formula of clinically proven levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. in a delicious new form that's more absorbable than joint supplement pills.
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at this point i'm comfortable to go ahead and say that i'm going to call it a homicide. >> if somebody had something to do with it, let them fry. so be it. >> what, miss hollars, could be their possible motivation for killing a 5-year-old girl? >> i don't know. those three grandkids of mine is involved in this, and i don't know why. but i sure would like to know why. >> sources telling cnn affiliate wjxt that two cinder blocks have been taken out of the st. johns river. forensic testing now taking place. >> i'm not going to discuss the particular items that i've taken for analysis. >> the cops said there was a whole bunch of bricks about 50 feet away. but i've never seen any bricks at all. >> i think she's come to realize
8:31 pm
that, you know, she's in trouble. >> for those of you just joining us, straight out to art harris, investigative journalist, with breaking news. art. >> nancy, sources are telling me that misty croslin has been taken to the crime scene, the st. johns river, and shown bones by detectives, bones purportedly belonging to haleigh cummings. >> and what was cummings -- well, when she saw the bones belonging to haleigh cummings, what was misty croslin's response? >> nancy, i don't have her reaction. i know, though, that she discussed the bones with her brother, tommy croslin, on their trip back to the st. johns county jail together. >> we are taking your calls live. now back to the lawyers, alex sanchez, defense attorney, new york. raymond giudice, defense attorney, atlanta. ray, anything wrong with putting those two in the back of a squad car and driving them back to the jail? >> you know, you can cry as a defense lawyer that it's bad and it's wrong. but it ain't. and that testimony, if it's
8:32 pm
tape-recorded, or the officer's impression of the hearsay expression as an excited utterance is going to come into evidence. what i'm getting at is the defense teams better know right now the quality of the evidence against them. the only thing that's keeping the prosecution from an indictment is they want that positive dna before they present it to a grand jury, and i bet that'll happen within 30 days. >> okay. ray, back it up one more time. >> okay. >> they show croslin the bones. >> that's right. >> they put her in the car with brother tommy croslin. first time they've probably been physically together since they were arrested. >> and her response -- >> after she sees the bones. what happens? >> and her responses in those conversations are not forced by law enforcement. they don't need to be mirandized. just as casey anthony's reaction in the nursing area when they told her her child had been found, that is going to be a problem for the defense. don't worry about contamination. when that dna links those bones up, if it does, to this child,
8:33 pm
case over. >> you mention excited utterance. for those of us that may not know what you're talking about, explain in a nutshell, giudice. >> that's an exception under the law to hearsay coming into court. an excited utterance means it was -- the statement was made in such a heat of passion, such an excited utterance, no thought to be given to giving a false statement. that comes into evidence. >> weigh in, alex sanchez. >> well, i think it's very clear from what i've heard so far that both misty croslin and tommy croslin have thrown their lot with the police. their lawyers and the police are cooperating. so any statements they're making at this point can be used for investigative purposes and can be used against them at a later date. >> but it seems to me that these two are stewing in the same pot, alex sanchez, and that they are colluding to blame joe overstreet. and i'm not saying he's not involved. but it seems to me that they're all part and parcel of what happened to 5-year-old haleigh.
8:34 pm
>> i don't think the police trust, even though misty and tommy are cooperating with the police, i don't think the police trust everything she's saying or what tommy's saying. so they're keeping a careful eye on them, and that's why they're engaged in putting them in the police car and hoping they make some type of more inculpatory type statements. >> with us tonight alex sanchez, defense attorney new york. raymond giudice, defense attorney atlanta. out to ellie jostad, our chief editorial producer, what more can you tell me, ellie? >> well, nancy, we know that all three of these people, misty croslin, her brother tommy croslin, their cousin joe overstreet, we know that all three of them are telling different versions about what happened that night. but the only person who doesn't place himself at the scene is joe overstreet. he continues to insist that he was not in the trailer that night, that he was in fact asleep over at another relative's house, and that he got a call in the middle of the night letting him know hal yeg was missing. he does not say he was there. >> joining me right now, special guest, the president and founder of klaaskids foundation, marc klaas. joining us from san francisco.
8:35 pm
marc, what do you make of it? >> well, i think we have to wait until the dna evidence comes back from the lab, and then we'll know several things. first of all, we'll know whether or not, well, if it does come back positive, we'll know that the little girl haleigh is dead. and they can start preparing for a funeral. and her parents with start dealing with that. and they'll be able to put together this murder investigation. and if i were any one of these three people, tommy, misty, or joe, i would be in absolute fear for my life because ron cummings has made it very, very clear that he is going to kill whoever was responsible for the death of his little girl. >> and speaking of ronald cummings, marc klaas, joining me right now, leonard padilla, bounty hunter out of sacramento, california, who has offered to bond out ronald cummings. leonard, thank you for being with us. what do you make of art's breaking news? >> well, i think it's all -- he's always right on top of
8:36 pm
everything and ahead of everybody else. but there's one thing that we're forgetting. law enforcement has the phone calls that went back and forth, say, after 10:00 until 3:00 in the morning, and they have the phones that they went from and to. we're eliminating automatically tim and chelsea from the equation and putting it on joe because of what chelsea said as far as the keys on the counter and the van being parked somewhere else. now, lindsay stood by her husband, tommy, over 50 conversations. chelsea has stood by timmy over 50 conversations. joe is saying i wasn't there, i didn't do anything. but law enforcement knows what phone calls came from and what phones they went to. and no one has bothered to say, well, wait a minute, the van was borrowed from tommy -- actually, it's lindsay because it was her van. and it was at timmy and
8:37 pm
chelsea's house. joe was merely a guest there. and everybody's dumping on joe. i don't believe joe had anything to do with it. i tend to -- i'm going to err, if at all, on the side of joe and say he didn't have anything to do with it. so who brought the van from timmy's house, picked up tommy, or whatever, and then went to misty? now, misty's not telling anybody the truth as to what happened to the child. the child was already decease when'd they came to that trailer. so what happened there? >> joining right now, dr. david m. posey, medical examiner, forensic pathologist out of the glen oaks pathology medical group, l.a. dr. posey, marc klaas says we're going to have to wait until we get the dna on those bones. but the reality is in a rush how quickly can you get dna? >> well, i think they can probably have it within a week. it is a complicated procedure, and you've got to go through a number of steps. but i think one week we should be able to have some good idea
8:38 pm
that the bones belong to whoever or they're not haleigh's bones. >> to sheryl mccollum, director of the cold case squad, pine lake, sheryl. >> it could be faster than a week. >> three days, nancy. >> three days. 72 hours, and you can get r-felt dna. >> with me dr. leslie austin, psychotherapist. dr. leslie, wouldn't you have liked to have been in the back of that squad car with misty croslin and tommy croslin after police show misty croslin, the new stepmother, little haleigh's phones? >> i sure would have. i would have given anything to hear that conversation. and if it was taped, hopefully maybe we will. i don't trust anything either of them says except in a circumstance like that where they're not smart enough to think that maybe they're being monitored. >> out to the lines. becky, ohio. hi, becky. >> caller: hi, nancy. hey, i have a question. >> okay. >> caller: i remember way back early in the investigation when a dog hit on a scent in misty's dumpster by her trailer.
8:39 pm
>> right. >> caller: and i was wondering would it be possible that after she had disposed of the body she got to thinking and called her brother and he decided since he had deposited deer carcasses there in the river that that would be a better place to hide her body? >> to jean casarez, legal correspondent in session, i recall when the cadaver dog made that hit. do you? >> that's right. i remember the cameras that were there. there was live pictures of them searching that dumpster because of the hit. they didn't find anything. it wasn't that close in time, though, to when haleigh went missing. so definitely, the dumpster could have been emptied or, as becky is saying, the dumpster could have had the remains taken out and put someplace else by someone. >> breaking news tonight. misty croslin, the new stepmother, taken down to the docks of the st. johns river and shown bones purported to be those of little haleigh. as we go to break, everyone, we are taking your calls live.
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and happy birthday to one of the best lawyers in the state of mississippi, frank hadden. frank, your success probably has a lot to do with your law school study partner. and happy birthday to a beautiful lady, milton, florida. ruth brown. happy birthday. and happy birthday to one of our stars. in session, trutv star jean casarez. she's finally 21. happy birthday, beautiful jean. back fast wi goes nother
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it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> dad, there's nothing.
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>> we were willing to go ahead and take the effort and the time to go look for that needle. >> who was with her? the last person with her. she was. >> i woke up and she was gone. the back door was wide open. >> she is the one that holds the key information to finding out what happened to this beautiful little girl. >> it was about 10 o'clock. >> she didn't make any calls until either she saw him pulling in the drifway or until he actually started coming in the house, and he confronted her. >> i just got home from work. my 5-year-old daughter is gone. >> told us baby, don't cry, this is something you should have said a long time ago. >> misty is being very coy about answering the questions. >> she says "but nanny, i was scared." >> we are taking your calls live. stunning evidence tonight breaking in the last hour, that stepmother misty croslin taken down to the docks of the st. johns river and shown the bones of 5-year-old little haleigh, then placed in a squad car along with her brother, tommy croslin. we are taking your calls, live
8:45 pm
to lisa in florida. hi, lisa. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. >> caller: hi, honey. listen, how long ago did the grandmother find out this information? and can she be like held responsible for withholding evidence? >> to marlaina schiavo, when did the calls start coming to grandma? that broke the case. >> well, as you recall, tommy croslin took a polygraph two weeks ago -- or a week and a half ago, and at that time, right after that, that's when he called his grandmother. and it was right after that that the search began. so she wasn't holding on to any information for tommy. >> and remember, lisa in florida, in our jurisprudence system you cannot -- you did not be prublthed for not doing something, for failing to act. so if you know something and you don't tell police, you're likely not going to get prosecuted. if you obstruct justice, however, you will. if you actively try to stop or
8:46 pm
hinder an investigation, that's a different matter than simply withholding evidence. but according to our sources, the grandma only found out in the last week. to rhonda in florida. hi, rhonda. rhonda, are you there? >> caller: yes, i am. >> what's your question, dear? >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> yes, ma'am. >> caller: and i think that you -- it's wonderful the way you balance both worlds, working worlds and being a mom. that's a hard job. >> man, it really is, rhonda. and you sound like you're a working mom yourself. so you know what it's like. >> caller: and also i think they're becoming personalities on their own, getting their own personality. >> oh, yes. they are. and they had these two personalities when they -- when i gave birth. >> caller: yeah. >> but they have really developed. they couldn't be more different, even though they're twins. what's your question, dear? >> caller: yeah, i have a comment and a question. first of all, if misty croslin was just looking on or just looking on or helping, would she
8:47 pm
still be accomplice -- an accomplice? >> if she's helping, you're darn right. one for all and all for one. the theory of conspiracy, aiding and abetting, accomplice to a crime. to renee in new hampshire. hi, renee. >> caller: yes, ma'am. i'm just wondering, why all of a sudden are her grandchildren calling the grandmother after 14 months? >> good question. art harris, i believe they've been calling on and off all along. >> that's right, nancy. >> and finally, when tommy croslin flunked the polygraph, he cracked. >> that's right, nancy. i've been speaking with flora hollars for months. they have been calling her collect from jail. she is their listening post and very sympathetic to both of them. they called, tommy called her after he had been holding this in for many months, took the polygraph, flunked, felt badly, told her, and she said, as you know, it was joe, wasn't it? he said yes. and he got it off his chest. >> art harris breaking the story
8:48 pm
tonight, croslin taken down to the river and shown little haleigh's bones. we are quickly shifting gears in an effort to help find a missing church mom. we're calling her that because she was so heavily involved in her local church. goes shopping at a local outdoor mall, is never seen again. to katie wright, reporter "the hillsborough times gazette." what happened to tiffany tehan? give it know in a nutshell. >> i'll tell you what we know. we know that tiffany tehan has been missing since she left on a shopping trip early saturday morning around 8:30. her family reported her missing to authorities at 9:00 that evening. and at 9:00 sunday morning her vehicle was found parked around a nearby shopping center. and according to what we know, the keys were locked in the vehicle and there was a flat tire. today, however, one of the leads
8:49 pm
that police have received led to a person of interest being -- you know, coming into the story where she was reportedly seen with this man on numerous occasions throughout the months of march and april, according to police -- >> hold on, katie. hold on, katie. katie wright joining us from the "hillsborough times-gazette." we're showing you the photo. liz, please take me down. i want viewers to see the photo of tiffany tehan along with the guy who is now named a person of interest. tip line 937-376-7200. to chuck tabor. this is tiffany's father, just now joining us. mr. tabor, thank you for being with us. what are police telling you? >> well, they're following every lead they have. they're checking on who this is. they're trying to find this person of interest. they're looking at everything they can find. and all we're trying to do is help them find our daughter.
8:50 pm
>> with me is chuck tabor. this is tiffany's father. we're going to be right back with mr. tabor, taking your calls live. but as we go to break, we are asking for your thoughts and prayers for one of our dear stars, denitra. she is just coming out of surgery, and we ask blessings on her tonight. denitra, please stay strong. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at
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coming up on the joy behar michael doug lass son is in jail. sandra bullock is seen in public and not wearing her wedding
8:54 pm
ring. a week after granting hospital visitation rights to gays, president obama is heckled by gay activists. is there something wrong with this picture? that and more in just a bit. in a search for 31-year-old church mom tiffany tinn to her father joining us tonight, chuck tabor. mr. tabor, she left around 8:30 a.m., but she reported missing until 9:30 p.m. there's a perfectly good explanation. what is it? >> she had planned to spend her day shopping. so that was in the schedule, that she had given her husband and she called him to let him know where she was and that was the last phone call in the morning that he got from her. not thinking anything about it because she was going to take the whole day he shopping, and
8:55 pm
then he just -- he thought, well, okay, she's going to call. she's going to call, she's going to call. so he called -- he called us, and we said it's time to do something. so that's what happened. >> i'm hearing in my ear right now an update. we now have a name for the guy i'm showing you. his name is tre b. hutchinson. hutcherson with an r, and he also has been missing for several days. i want to go back to clark. when did these photos pop up? >> law enforcement has said these photos emerged between march and april, a few times at possibly as reports are saying a circle k convenience store there in ohio. law enforcement has said there are multiple shots of them entering the store at various times the past few months. >> i notice they have on different clothes going in and out. to chuck tabor, this is tiffany
8:56 pm
tehan's father, chuck, do you know who tre b. hutcherson is? is that something from her church? who is he? >> i don't know. i did not recognize the picture, and that name is an unfamiliar name. >> everyone, tip line, 937-376-7200. to marc klaas, what do you think mark? >> i think he was identified solely through your program tonight. i don't know there's any question about that. this is a love triangle, and this could go in a number of different waiys. unless the husband has a solid alibi, he could be involved in the disappearance, too. i don't think anybody should forget that until these people are found. >> i'd like to find out exactly how that tire was flattened, mark klaas. with us tonight is chuck tabor. there is a reward in the search for tiffany thnan.
8:57 pm
tonight let's stop and remember army private michael baloga. killed in iraq, awarded the bronze star and purple heart and national defense service medal. never met a stranger. loved hackie sack, dreamed the seeing his daughter graduate high school and walking her down the aisle. leaves behind parents robert and linda, two sisters, two brothers, daughter isis. michael baloga, american hero. thank you to our guests but especially you for being with us. see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend.
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